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University of Southern California

Multicultural Greek Council

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On May 24, 2000, seven women founded Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority at the University of California, Los Angeles. Our founders wanted to create a unique organization that broke away from the conventional stereotype of "only being open to women of a particular ethnic group." A dynamic sorority that stands on its three main pillars of Community Service, Cultural Awareness, and Sisterhood, Sigma Delta Sigma takes pride in being a multiracial sorority and opens its arms to women of all different cultural backgrounds.    


Since its inception, Sigma Delta Sigma has operated as an independent sorority and, therefore, has had the freedom to shape itself according to the needs and wishes of its members in its formative years. Throughout the academic year, we engage and participate in a diverse array of fun and enriching activities that foster leadership and organizational skills amongst sisters, all while aiding the community at large. 


Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority, Delta Chapter at the University of Southern California was established on May 24, 2013 by five ambitious and dedicated young women. We are a member of the USC Multicultural Greek Council and we enjoy having active participation in deciding how the sorority will run in the years to come. Although we are fairly new to the USC Greek community, we are rapidly expanding and making our presence known within the local and outer USC neighborhood. 


Founding Date: May 24, 2000

Founding Location: UCLA 

Sorority Principles: Community Service, Cultural Awareness, Sisterhood

Sorority Motto: "Strength through Diversity and Sisterhood"

Founding Mothers: Parul Chaudhari, Heidi Matias, Amy Mehta, Karishma Patel, Shirin Raza, Rashmi Rao, Anshul Tandon

Purpose: The purpose of Sigma Delta Sigma shall be to create unity through diversity and involvement in our community. This will be accomplished through the promotion of social awareness of contemporary issues concerning all facets of the public. In addition, this organization will engage in cultural activities that advocate the understanding of different customs and traditions. Through active participation in community service, the sisters of Sigma Delta Sigma will assist in giving support to all factions of society that demand aid. 

 Sorority Colors: lavender, dark purple, and silver

 Sorority Flower: violet orchid

 Sorority Mascot: white tiger

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